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"From the desire to be closer to our friends coffee lovers, was born the idea of ​​Coffee Bike. The bike was mine and the guitar is the same where the children of our family learned how to play. Our Coffee Bike is a piece of our family."

Paula Dias

Whether in the square, on the street corner or at events for special occasions, wherever Grandpa Joel's Coffee Bike go, attracts the attention of everyone around. our Bike It is the best way to be in constant touch with those who matter most: you.


Our cafeteria on wheels offers own products, neighbors, partners and small family producers: roasted coffee, coffee liqueur with rum, sweet (From the farm fruits), milk candy, sweets with coffee, cascara (coffee cherry tea), banana flour cakes made with bananas which are the coffee plantations of several other delicacies.

Meet our Coffee Bike's special:

Coffee in a sugar cone with chocolate!

Nossa Coffee Bike oferece:

Include our Coffee Bike at the opening of his shop in the promotional sale of your product or to give a special charm to your establishment.

Choose the service package that best fits your event.

Come to be part of our family​!

Check out our rules for opening franchises or availability of Lending and markets the best products Grandpa Joel's Coffee, the original flavor of the coffee from the mountains of southern Minas Gerais.

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