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Our story begins in 1969 when Joel bought his first coffee farm, thus realizing their dream of having a coffee plantation in the mountains of southern Minas Gerais.


Family history takes an unexpected. Joel is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, making his family sold part of the coffee farms to the entire health care Joel. His son, Pedro Dias, was determined not to let the dream of his father disappear.


To continue the dream of producing quality coffee, Pedro returned from the United States and became a businessman and grower. Today, Peter, his sons and his wife, Paula, make up the third generation of family farmers.


The passion for coffee and entrepreneurial creativity have made Peter inovasse in the production process and marketing of the crop. A year ago, after export about 30% of the coffee crop for Canada, the businessman, who did not want to sell the remaining production through cooperatives, innovated and created the Coffee Bike. The innovation worked and today, Grandpa Joel's Coffee brand is partner and inspiration to small coffee producers.

' If you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go together " African proverb

"When I took over the business, I realized that we had the necessary infrastructure to produce high quality beans and the traditional coffee sales through cooperatives, was not viable and therefore sought new ways of marketing. We think and develop the brand Joel`s Grandpa Coffee and there arose a necessity, to disclose the coffee. That's when we developed the bike design.

Pedro Dias

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